Transport company expands and strengthens its position in Central and Eastern Europe

Uno Transport has added another division in Central and Eastern Europe, which opened on 1 May in Poland. The division will be a transport hub to strengthen its position in Poland and connect to Scandinavia and the rest of Europe.

Danish Uno Transport opens a new division in Blonie, Poland, which will strengthen logistics in Europe. The division will act as a bridge between the Baltic States, Scandinavia and Eastern, Central and Western Europe. The service section is also being expanded with a customs agency and goods storage, which will make it even easier for customers to trade with countries outside the EU.

– 'Poland is the crucial piece in Central and Eastern Europe that we have always needed in order to link our activities in the many different countries together. With the new office in Blonie, we no longer need to look to subcontractors for solutions when a job involves Poland. By managing all of the logistics and our setup, which includes Poland with local people, we can ensure much more complete and reliable service for our customers throughout Europe', says Kim Uno Mogensen, Director of Uno Transport A/S.

The new division can now offer transport directly between Denmark and Poland, opening up for transport of general and bulk cargo as well as full loads. The division will also help to optimise the company’s cross-trade transport, as having a local presence is key in this type of transport.

– 'Poland is a hub when it comes to transport in Central and Eastern Europe, so the new division will definitely give us a bigger position in that market. Going forward, we will not only be able to offer direct transport between Denmark and Poland, but it will also help us to optimise our cross-trade in general, as it is extremely important to have in-depth local knowledge when it comes time to send vehicles out across multiple countries', says Thomas Greiff, co-owner and CEO of Uno Transport Polska.

Local knowledge is essential

The vision for the new division is big. Starting in May, they will keep 10 vehicles busy every day, but that number is expected to have risen to 40 within six months, and the four staff members in Poland will add between six and ten new colleagues by the end of the year.

Having branch divisions in several countries has a lot of advantages. Having a local presence provides closer contact and the opportunity to act faster. Thomas Greiff contributes this invaluable local knowledge with his 38 years of experience in shipping in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe. He also brings along his own local Polish team, who understand the differences between Danish and Polish culture.

– 'My employees and I have all worked together for the past ten years, some of us for up to 26 years. So we know each other very well. The many years together have resulted in all four of us becoming a good mix of Polish and Danish. We know the Danish mentality and mindset, which is valuable in our cooperation with customers, and we also have extensive local knowledge that lets us act on the Polish market', explains Thomas Greiff.

Service must be the focus

With the new office, Uno Transport will be able to offer completely different prices than in the past. However, the company is also very aware that navigating an uncertain transport market can be difficult for many companies. Customers can feel safe in the knowledge that they are collaborating with industry-renowned people who can find the best solutions for each individual customer. – 'We prioritise giving customers direct personal contacts they can always reach. By gaining in-depth knowledge of each individual customer, we can customise the right solutions for them, no matter the potential challenges. This creates a completely different level of flexibility compared to a standard solution, and this is key in our service. We create the optimal product for customers from start to finish, and customers feel safe along the way', says Thomas Greiff.