With more than 38 years of experience in the Polish, Central and Eastern Europe markets, we are able to offer the best and most personalised service on the market. We guarantee you won't just be a number to us.

We offer daily and weekly departures of full loads as well as general and bulk cargo to and from Poland and the rest of Central and Eastern Europe.

Shipments are transported in collaboration with our own company in Poland. It is called Uno Transport Polska Sp. z o.o. and it offers refrigerated and frozen transport, cross-trade transport, transport of project equipment and oversized loads, as well as sea and air freight, rail transport and domestic distribution in Poland.

Departures from Denmark and Poland with general and bulk cargo:
• Every Monday/Tuesday with arrival Thursday/Friday depending on the destination
• Every Thursday/Friday with arrival Monday/Tuesday depending on the destination

Full loads are offered daily in both directions.

We also service large parts of the rest of Central and Eastern Europe.

Please contact one of the employees below for more information.

Contact info

Uno Transport A/S, Jens Juuls Vej 20, DK- 8260 Viby J.

Heino Edelskov
Head of dept
Direct: +45 8620 8541
Mobile: +45 8140 3860
E-mail: heino@unotransport.com

Uno Transport Polska Sp. z o.o., Modlinska 10, PL- 05-870 Blonie.

Thomas Greiff
CEO & Partner
Direct: +48227183184
Mobile: +48601326009
e-mail: thomas@unotransport.com
Magdalena Greiff
Direct: +48227183185
Mobile: +48609134636
e-mail: magdalena@unotransport.com

Dominik Leszko
Head of Sales and Tender department
Direkte tlf: +48227183186
Mobile: +48668573382
e-mail: dominik@unotransport.com
Karolina Zakieta
Head of Transport department
Direkte tlf: +48227183187
Mobile: +48668572894
e-mail: karolina@unotransport.com